First off I am so happy your here. . . Welcome!! 

    If I had to choose one word to describe my life on this day it would be C H A O S. Holy smokes it's been a year, full of ups and downs. A big move, new friends, new school, new state. One husband. Three kids. Three dogs. One hampster (RIP Cece) One fish. (Ugh the damn fish). 

Spring break on Hutchinson Island, Stuart FL

I am a wife, mom, sister, daughter & a friend. Who does not have it all together (not even close ha) but has experiences and things to share. My husband does not care about cool kitchen gadgets or the best Lululemon dupes I found on Amazon, but I know there are other ladies out there who do.

I love writing, which honestly is something new to me but a therapist told me sometimes just writing it (the drama or stressful situation) can help. And I am here to tell you it does!